Warnings after cannabis is found in Newcastle play park

Warnings after cannabis is found in Newcastle play park

29 November 2017

THE discovery of a small bag of cannabis at a popular Newcastle play area has alarmed a local politician who has appealed to parents in the resort to be vigilant.

The drug was discovered by an alert mum who was at the Downs Road play park in the resort on Tuesday of last week with her young child. A bottle of spirits was subsequently discovered on top of a slide.

Councillor Willie Clarke, who was contacted by the woman and asked him to pass the cannabis to police, said he is “shocked” that drugs were left in a children’s play area.

He declared: “What happened was particularly worrying and there appears to be a spike in anti-social activity in the town given recent events at the Islands Park and Castlewellan Road areas. It is important this issue is nipped in the bud.”

Criticising those who left the drugs in the playground, councillor Clarke urged police to deploy additional resources to keep an eye on the Downs Road.

“No one should be in this play park after dark. Last week I highlighted concern about young people drinking in this area and there is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed. I have raised my concerns about what has been happening with police and hope they will be taken on board,” he continued.

“Thankfully the woman who was with her young child at the Downs Road play area was alert. God forbid if a toddler had come across this substance and attempted to eat it. Drugs have no place in a children’s play area and if anyone sees any suspicious activity I would urge them to contact the authorities or local elected representatives.”

Councillor Clarke appealed to parents to be vigilant while out with their children and hopes police will do all they can to ensure anti-social activity does not get out of hand in the town.

He added: “The woman who found the drugs at the Downs Road and who has asked not to be identified, wants the public to be made aware of what happened. I share her concern and also ask parents to be vigilant and hope additional police resources can be made available to ensure there is no repeat of what happened last week.”