Terry’s delightful take on nature and life

Terry’s delightful take on nature and life

29 July 2020

TERRY Hanna is the chairman of Ballynahinch Camera Club and says he has owned a camera all of his adult life, “mostly for shooting family and holiday snaps, but using basic settings and with little creativity in mind”.

In 2014, two years before retiring, he upgraded his camera and joined the camera Club, with a view to spending more productive time with a camera during retirement.

“That is exactly what happened, although I hadn’t anticipated getting involved in club organisation to the extent that I’m looking forward to the 2020/21 year as chair for a second year. What that year will look like nobody knows yet.”

Terry says he loves many genres of photography, but he’s passionate about wildlife and also loves shooting live music, especially at festivals. 

He also relishes his involvement with the camera club. “The camera club scene in Northern Ireland is vibrant,” he says.

“There are inter-club competitions with various themes, which sometimes take us out of our comfort zones, for example Infrastructure, so we have the Boyne Bridge at Drogheda and the wind farm in the Solway Firth.”

He adds: “Last weekend my nine year-old granddaughter asked to use my point-and-shoot camera In Castlewellan forest. The results were great and the future of Ballynahinch Camera Club is rosy.”