Support for dyslexia awareness

Support for dyslexia awareness

9 September 2020

NEWRY, Mourne and Down Council has been asked to illuminate buildings across the district in red next month in support of a worldwide initiative to raise awareness of dyslexia and the difficulties it can bring.  

The appeal has been issued to the local authority to mark dyslexia awareness month by Slieve Croob councillor Cathy Mason.

She explained that the ‘Go Red’ campaign is part of the Succeed With Dyslexia movement to celebrate dyslexia at a global level. 

Succeed With Dyslexia collaborates on a number of campaigns with individuals and organisations to raise awareness of dyslexia and the power of literacy.

Cllr Mason said the aim of the October initiative is to help dyslexic learners feel less isolated by their learning difficulties and better understood by their friends.

She also revealed that two of her family members are dyslexic and that understands the negative impact of dyslexia on both learning and self-esteem.

“Dyslexia can leave children and adults feeling tired, confused and completely overwhelmed by the task in front of them,” the Slieve Croob councillor explained.

“There can often be a psychological impact linked to feelings of failure and frustration which can spark a lifetime of self-recrimination.”

Cllr Mason suggested that the classroom experience is “just the tip of the iceberg” and explained that failures to diagnose dyslexia early and provide adequate academic and emotional support, inevitably shapes a learner’s outlook on their skills and abilities.

She added: “Dyslexia awareness month and Go Red can be the starting point for us to reflect on ways that we can better support and understand dyslexia. As a society, we need to address the emotional and psychological impact of poorly supported dyslexia better. 

“Illuminating our council buildings will highlight the wider issues for those with dyslexia and open conversations to break the stigma.”