Supermarkets deal with unprecedented demand

Supermarkets deal with unprecedented demand

18 March 2020

AMID unprecedented scenes of shopping hysteria throughout the district supermarkets have been struggling to keep stock of basic supplies. 

A member of staff in one major store said it was “like Christmas all over again”. 

One supermarket staff member said he had filled the shelves to capacity with toilet rolls three times by lunchtime. 

He said that he had been working in the store for almost 20 years and he had never witnessed 

essential supplies such as hand wipes, milk and tin foods fly off the shelves so fast. 

Another staff member said he was worried about the back stock running low because when that was gone, a more difficult situation could arise.

Shopper Christine Toland said she is not panicking but remains worried that supermarkets may run out of essentials supplies. 

The Downpatrick mother said: “My mother and father in-law hope to fly over from Manchester this weekend for a visit and are worried they might come in contact with the virus. 

“I’m very concerned that we may not have enough essential items for the duration of their stay.”

Christine added that both herself and her eight year-old daughter Chelsea are asthmatic and 

are worried this will only weaken their immune system. 

Meanwhile, a Downpatrick nurse said she is refusing to give into the widespread hysteria to buy more than she needs.

Karen O’Reilly said: “My father is unable to get out so I’m picking up some things for him. As you can see, its not much. 

“I haven’t panic bought yet and I’m determined to keep it that way. If we all bought enough to do us, there would be plenty for everyone.”

Another shopper, who did not want to be named, drove from Kilcoo. He said he had just spent over £260. This did not include essential items such as milk, toilet roll and tinned foods as they had sold out.

He said he was not panic buying and added: “It fills me with dread that people are emptying the shelves.”