Stranded father and son rescued

Stranded father and son rescued

8 May 2024

A MAN and his son who found themselves stranded on the Mournes on Saturday night were rescued after a major emergency response swung into action.

The alarm was raised by police shortly after 10pm to assist the walkers who also had a dog with them.

The two males had been undertaking a challenge which had started at 7am but, due to poor weather conditions, found themselves delayed and exhausted. 

Located on dangerous ground on the west of Cove Mountain, the man and his son protected themselves from the elements and called for help.

The rescue team responded and given the location and situation, requested the assistance of a Search and Rescue aircraft based in Caernarfon ion Wales.

After an initial assessment and providing food and fluids for the man, the casualties were assisted to a suitable area for the aircraft. 

However, due to the prevailing conditions the helicopter was unable to access the area and returned to base.

Subsequently, the casualties were assisted the full descent to rescue team vehicles in the Annalong Valley before a transfer to Newcastle for further food and fluids and a lift home. 

A total of 12 members who responded to the incident were stood down at 3.45am.