SDLP candidate seeking road flooding resolution

SDLP candidate seeking road flooding resolution

15 February 2017

TRANSPORT NI has been urged to address a flooding problem at the Carnreagh Road in Drumaroad.

South Down SDLP Assembly election candidate, Colin McGrath, said having spoken with residents, flooding is a regular occurrence at this location and needs to sorted to ensure the road is always passable.

He said while the road has flooded regularly, residents in the area and those who use the road on a regular basis say it is taking increasingly longer for the flood to subside.

Mr McGrath said it is his understanding that a number of vehicles have been badly damaged as a result of the flooded road.

“Transport NI has completed some work in the area recently but it is the opinion of locals that this has exacerbated the problem, not resolved it. They cite the fact that the water used to drain away quickly in the past but now takes longer to clear. It is something they are concerned about,” he said.

Mr McGrath added: “I have written to Transport NI asking for an appraisal of the situation at the Carnreagh Road and for an action plan to resolve it.”