Residents shocked by revelations

Residents shocked by revelations

8 November 2017

A HIGH profile campaigner for the Loughinisland victims says the film, No Stone Unturned, clearly shocked local people on Friday night.

Emma Rogan, whose father Adrian ‘Frosty’ Rogan, was among the six men murdered by the UVF gang in 1994, said people who stayed behind in Loughinisland GAC after the film ended, were stunned to hear the detail of what was behind the attack.

“Everybody who lives in this area knows the story but I don’t think people realised the extent of just how corrupt it was or who was involved,” she said.

“I think that the fact that the names of people who had long been whispered about as having been involved were now being shown to have been the people behind it was very troubling to many,” added Ms Rogan.

“These were our neighbours.”

Ms Rogan had no difficulty with the men being named by the film-makers or with the man who allegedly led the gang being secretly filmed.

“As far as I am concerned I am very glad that I am Frosty’s daughter and not the daughter of that man,” she said.

Louise Jenkinson, whose father, Malcolm, was also killed in the attack, said watching the film was an emotional experience.

Speaking to the Irish News, she said even though she had seen the film before Friday night, there was still a lot to process.

“This is different because I’ve other family members with me and it’s here in Loughinisland where it all happened.

“We never thought something like that would happen in this place. That’s not to take away from the suffering of those people in the city who loved ones, but in a hamlet like this, it was unthinkable.

“We stayed silent for a long time, we trusted the authorities, we attended meetings and put our trust in people we shouldn’t have and we were failed.

“This film won’t bring my daddy back, nothing will, but I do think it does justice to his legacy and while the state let us down the community of Loughinisland never did. It is comforting that so many have turned out to watch this film with us.”