Residents ‘sick and tired’ of drug dealers

Residents ‘sick and tired’ of drug dealers

29 July 2020

A PLEA has been issued for the removal of alleged drug dealers from a number of homes in Newcastle.

And calls have been issued for a number of statutory agencies to tackle the problem amid claims that drug dealers are operating in a number of flats in the resort.

There are reports circulating about drug dealing in a number of housing estates, with mounting concern about increasing violence linked to illegal substances.

A number of residents say they are “sick and tired” of anti-social behaviour in a number of areas populated with a mix of families, including children.

Local people say that drug dealing is taking place in Burrendale Park, Bracken Avenue, Dunwellan Park, Bernagh Green and Burren Meadow — and they have urged the authorities to act.

Mournes councillor Willie Clarke — who raised the drugs issue at a meeting of the district’s Policing and Community Safety Partnership — said many people have “simply had enough”.

“People are sick and tired of the violence associated with hard drugs in the Newcastle community,” he declared.

“The PSNI, Housing Executive and housing associations need to ensure that drug dealers are removed from their homes following conviction for drug dealing.”

Cllr Clarke said that it was his understanding that drug dealers are operating in one particular block of flats.

“I acknowledge and welcome the fact that several arrests and charges have been on individuals for drug dealing in Newcastle,” he continued.

“However, while the arrests are welcomed by residents, there has been criticism of long-standing anti-social behaviour problems associated with drug dealing.”

Cllr Clarke says concerned residents are looking to the authorities for action and to get on top of the drugs problem.

He added: “People living in houses close to where drug dealers are operating are sick and tired of anti-social behaviour in their communities. 

“They feel that it is allowed to happen to a certain level and is tolerated, while their rights are being violated. They have a right to sleep in their own homes, free from threats of violence and damage to properties.”

Concern about the drugs issue comes a week after police uncovered a large quantity of drugs in the resort on two separate occasions.

Just over one month ago, police seized suspected cocaine worth an estimated £50,000 during a search at the South Promenade area.

Officers who searched a property at this part of the resort also uncovered a sum of money, and drugs paraphernalia.

And on Sunday of last week, officers conducting a search discovered a quantity of Class A, B and C drugs and vowed to work proactively with the public to take drugs off the streets. 

Officers —  who did not disclose the location of the drugs find — say the discovery would not have been possible without the help and assistance of the community, vowing to continue making efforts to diminish the drugs problem.

They also issued an appeal for information and are keen for people to contact them on the non-emergency 101 number or confidential Crimestoppers number 0800 555 111.