Presentation night at Spa Golf Club

Presentation night at Spa Golf Club

5 December 2018

FINAL closure on Spa’s 2018 playing season came on Saturday night when Marian Armstrong and Mark Smyth were named the club’s golfers of the year.

It was a remarkable achievement for Marian who claimed the title for a fourth time along with the addition of five other trophies she collected at Spa’s presentation night.

Meanwhile, the Spa team captains will soon be knocking on the door of Mark as they make their selections for the 2019 inter-club matches.

While this was his first golfer of the year award, he won three other trophies and over the course of the season has seen his handicap plummet from 16 to the present 9.

Club captain John Robinson said it had been a great year for Spa for many reasons including the achievements of the various teams.

The Pierce Purcell squad reached the final of the competition while the Sam Rutherford and Rossmore teams also won through to the closing games.

He thanked everyone for their tremendous support during his year in office including the council, club officers and staff  including the green keepers who, he said, had protected and improved Spa’s most precious asset.

Congratulating all the winners, Mr Robinson said the consistent high quality of play meant it was never easy to win a trophy at Spa Golf Club, but to those who achieved their golfing ambitions in 2018 it was a case of “very well done.”

Lady captain Carol Shields also thanked the large number of club officers and staff who had made her term in office such an enjoyable experience.

She said it had been “an absolute pleasure” to work with Mr Robinson, describing him as “a perfect gentlemen who has been a great ambassador for Spa Golf Club.”

Men’s prizewinners: Golfer of the Year (O’Kane Trophy), Mark Smyth; Winter League trophy, Greg Wilson, Tom Wilson and Julian Kelly; Gordon Cup, Robert Gartley; Sunbound Cup, Barry Stevens; Shaw Cup Doubles, Larry Power and Tom Coburn; Lowe Cup, John Munn; Holmes Cup, Daniel Connolly; Scotia Cup, David Corr; John Smith Cup (mixed), Bobby Wallace and Mandy Murphy; Vice-President’s cup, Alan Stevens; Mark Gibson Trophy, Gordon Martin; Montalto Cup, Alan McNamara; Boyd Cup, Mark Smyth; Ferguson Cup, Larry Power; Eric Dodd Cup, Brian McQueen; Wallace Cup, Mark Smyth; Joe Mulholland Cup, Chris Donaldson; La Carte Trophy, David Kidd; Sam Graham Cup, Daniel Connolly; Action Press Cup, Daniel Connell; H L Hegan Cup, Mark Smyth; Plessey Cup, James Walker; McIlveen Cup, Alan McNamara; Caldwell Cup, Eamon Canavan; D J Bell Cup, Brian Blythe; Eden na Vadie Cup, Brendan McAlarney; Summit Trophy, Sammy Gurr; Brian Irvine Cup, Gary Simpson; Walter Moore Cup, Alan Stevens; Dominic Stratton Cup, Brian McGrillen; Forthill Cup, Larry Power; Spa Cup, Brian Rea; Sunday Jug, Barry Stevens.

Ladies’ prizewinners: Golfer of the Year, Marian Armstrong; Hugh Gordon Cup, Gwyneth Cordner; Challenge Cup, Suzanne McLoughlin; Caldwell Cup, Mandy Murphy; Lindsay Cup, Lynsey Martin; Josie Murray Cup, Gillian Earls; Kinray Trophy, Beth Coburn; Combat Cancer Trophy, Marian Armstrong; 02 Challenge Trophy, Sally Ann Douglas; Slieve Croob Cup, Vivienne Abernethy; McRoberts Rose Bowl, Pam Trohear; Harvest Cup, Catherine McEvoy; Plessey Cup, Ellie Smyth; Mr President’s Cup (Hugh Hegan), Lisa McCavery; Victor and Rita Ginesi Cup, Mandy Murphy; Sena Feneran Cup, Marian Armstrong; Ladies’ Foursomes Matchplay Trophy, Sally Ann Douglas and Carol Shields; Howitt Cup, Gwyneth Cordner; Montalto Cup, Alex Murphy; Adams/Aiken Trophy, Stephanie Rea; McIlveen Cup, Gwyneth Cordner; Hunter Cup, Marian Armstrong; Lowe Cup, Gwyneth Cordner; McEvoy Cup, Carol Shields; Coburn Cup, Marian Armstrong; Sarah Brennan Cup, Mandy Murphy; Maureen Hanna Trophy, Gwyneth Cordner; Lynne Robinson Trophy (Winter League), Marian Armstrong.