Newcastle woman lift NI fitness awards

Newcastle woman lift NI fitness awards

5 December 2018

A NEWCASTLE woman has proven she is the fittest of them all after clinching three trophies in a fitness model competition. 

Twenty five year-old Kirsty Duggan received a first prize and two second place awards at the Miss World Northern Ireland Fitness Model Association competition in Belfast last weekend.

Delighted with her success, Kirsty who is a hairdresser by day, overcome stiff competition from over 80 contestants who came from across Europe to take part in the event.

As well as topping the Over 21 bikini category, Kirsty lifted second place in the beach body category and another second place in the first timers category. 

Kirsty who weighs seven stone 10 pounds, puts her success down to hard work and determination in the lead-up to what she explains is her first event she has taken part in.  

She said: ”I’m still on cloud nine leaving my first competition with three trophies. It is more than I could ever imagined. 

“I would have went to the gym on and off over the last few years but began training in earnest this May as I wanted to look good for a beach holiday that I had booked to Lanzarote. 

“I began to see big changes and enjoyed the fitness regime so much that I decided to work toward the NIFMA competition when I came back from holiday. 

“I want to thank my fitness coach, Connor Rea who operates from his own fitness suite, REAvolution Health and Fitness, based in Newcastle, and my boyfriend Darryl Russell. They both encouraged me every step of the way. 

Kirsty, the eldest of five children added: “Even if I didn’t win anything the competition was still one of the best things I have ever taken part in. 

“I feel as if I have achieved something having stuck to my prep and doing everything that Connor told me to do. All the early mornings I managed to get up and hit the gym before starting work were totally worth it, even if I did complain a bit. 

“Most importantly though, my success is down to adapting a sensible approach to what I eat. It isn’t a diet as much as it is about eating fresh fruit and vegetables with lots of food which is high in protein. But, contrary to what you might believe, I eat lots of carbs as well. Carbohydrates help keep the muscles in good condition and my energy high.”

Kirsty, a past pupil of Blackwater Integrated College in Downpatrick, said: “I am so proud to have shared the stage with so many great women especially Castlewellan woman Enya Murphy, who was third in the over 21 bikini category.” 

Connor said: “As a friend and coach to both these ladies I am proud of their achievements. How far they have come from where they started is fantastic achievement. 

“Fourteen weeks of preparation for their first competition is incredibly difficult with hours of intense training which includes weights and cardio work, combined with a strict nutrition plan. And they stuck to it. 

“Anyone who has stepped on stage to compete knows the sacrifice you have to make with every aspect of your life. Yet it is one of the greatest experiences they could have to see such a great pay off.” 

“This is only the beginning for these ladies and they’re a credit to my team.”