New movie from these Coole kids to debut at film festival

New movie from these Coole kids to debut at film festival

11 October 2017

MOVE over Tom Cruise. A new Mission Impossible blockbuster made by two young Ardglass brothers is about to hit the big screen — and the Hollywood superstar is nowhere in sight.

Mission Impossible 1.5 premieres at the Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast on October 29 as part of the Cinemagic Film Festival for young movie makers.

An action adventure in the best traditions of the Mission Impossible series, it’s all the work of 13 year-old Lucien Coole and his ten year-old brother, Toby.

Lasting ten minutes, Mission Impossible 1.5 was filmed in the garden of their home near Ardglass over the Easter holidays and after a some fine tuning in the editing room it’s now ready for release.

Their mum, Deirdre, said the boys were delighted with the movie and 

revealed it’s not their first time behind or in front or the camera.

“They have made a number of films and they even have their own YouTube channel called Bicker Brothers,” she said.

Film making and working in the media is something of a family tradition. Mum is a former BBC executive with the BBC, dad Leon is an assistant film maker and their late grandfather, James Hawthorne, was a former controller of the BBC in Northern Ireland.

Right now the boys are working on their next project, another adventure entitled Wonder Girl, which should be on release later this year.

Next stop Hollywood?