Mum’s warning after daughter approached by stranger

Mum’s warning after daughter approached by stranger

5 December 2018

A NEWCASTLE mother has warned parents to be vigilant following a suspicious approach made to her young daughter by a man.

A man in a car stopped in the Boulevard Park area around 4.40pm on Monday, offered the six year-old girl sweets and asked her to get into his car. 

The child refused to get into the car and ran home to tell her mother.

The young mum then posted her warning on Facebook to alert other parents and children in the area.

She wrote: ‘She had only crossed one row of houses to a friend’s house with another girl who had just ran ahead of her. Please be vigilant everyone. 

‘Thank God she was well versed [in] what to do and ran straight home. The police were straight down and done (sic) some house calls but if anyone around that area has cameras outside their house could they please contact me.’

While the young girl was unharmed by the incident, her mother revealed that her daughter had problems going to sleep afterwards.

The warning shocked many of the parents of young children who expressed their concern online.

One mother commented: “Omg that is so scary. Lucky [name] was smart enough to say no. I hope she’s ok xx’ while another wrote — ‘Poor wee pet. Well done for running home. Thanks for sharing.’

Police confirmed yesterday that they were investigating a suspicious approach made to a child in the Boulevard Park area of Newcastle on Monday. 

A spokesman said: “It was reported that at around 4.30pm a male driving a black vehicle approached a six year old girl, offering her sweets. 

“Enquiries into this matter are ongoing and we would appeal to anyone who noticed a black vehicle in the area to get in touch with local police by calling 101, quoting reference 882 03/12/18.”