Magic Martin doubles up

Magic Martin doubles up

14 October 2020

BALLYNAHINCH firsts clinched a hard-fought 2-1 win over Antrim on Saturday in the Intermediate League following a man-of-the-match display from Matthew Martin, who bagged both goals.

Antrim were on the attack from the first whistle, pressing high into the ‘Hinch half, but the locals were able to keep them at bay with a strong defence. 

Antrim they were able to win a short corner, only to be denied by Aaron Donnell and Matthew Martin, who cleared the ball away. 

As Ballynahinch started to press higher Michael Kinley went on an amazing run up the right wing and beat several Antrim defenders, but unfortunately his pass was intercepted. 

As ‘Hinch settled into the game, playing the ball round the back four, Leslie Harrison and Ashley Brown started to creep their way into the Antrim half.

At the other end Antrim were again unsuccessful from a short corner. They made another break to enter the circle only to be met by goalkeeper Donnell, who made the save on the edge of the circle. The ball was dribbled away by Ashley Brown before releasing it to Stuart Hunter. 

Ballynahinch took the lead before the end of the first quarter from a short corner which Matthew Martin drag flicked to the back of the net.

Scott Leetch went close to making it 2-0, but was denied by the Antrim keeper who made a good save. 

Just before half time Antrim won a short corner after a Ballynahinch player touched the ball with his foot in the circle.

Antrim played the ball from the top of the circle to the right and were able to get a deflection off a defender’s stick to make it 1-1.

‘Hinch pressed hard at the start of the second half, quickly working the ball around the back and up the wing to Kyle Patterson. He was able to slip the ball to Sam Dorman, who was denied by the Antrim keeper. 

With Antrim on the counter attack, a mis-timed tackle by the ‘Hinch defenders gave away a short corner. ‘Hinch were able to keep the ball out by superb defending and winning the free out. 

Just before the end of the third quarter Antrim won another short corner, but again failed to convert.

Ballynahinch got the winner when Aaron Campbell won a short corner from a stick tackle and Martin again found the net with a drag flick. 

Antrim pushed for the equaliser, but Ballynahinch were able to keep them out of the circle. Just before the final whistle Jason Campbell had a chance to make it 3-1, but was unable to find the back of the net.

Ballynahinch 2

Antrim 1