MLA welcomes new special interest signs at Ballyhornan

MLA welcomes new special interest signs at Ballyhornan

2 October 2019

THE provision of new signs designed to protect the delicate landscape at Ballyhornan beach has been welcomed by South Down MLA Colin McGrath.

Erected by the Environment Agency, the signs inform visitors what activity is not permitted in an Area of Special Scientific Interest.

Mr McGrath said the issue of people riding quads at the picturesque beach was raised with him recently by a 

concerned resident.

“The resident asked if this activity was permitted and then if this was the case, if anything could be done to deter this,” he explained.

“I have been in regular contact with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs which has confirmed that quad biking is not permitted at Ballyhornan beach. Given the high numbers of families and groups that make use of this area, it is only right that such activity is not allowed.”

Mr McGrath said that he made representations to see what could be done to advise beach users of this fact, explaining that the government department spent considerable time designing and installing new signs reminding users that the beach is a protected area and must remain so.

“I would have hoped for more specific information highlighting that quads are not permitted on the beach, but hope these signs send the correct message,” the MLA continued.

“It is my hope that all beach users will give the necessary respect to this natural asset we all enjoy and to their fellow beach users. Our beaches are an essential part of Co Down’s beautiful landscape and it is the responsibility of everyone to look after them.”