Hazzard to defend Westminster seat

Hazzard to defend Westminster seat

2 October 2019

SITTING South Down MP Chris Hazzard has been reselected by Sinn Fein to defend his seat at the next Westminster election.

Speculation is mounting that a parliamentary poll could happen within weeks, with Republicans confident that Mr Hazzard will comfortably retain his seat.

Mr Hazzard — who was chosen to defend his seat at a meeting in Rostrevor last Sunday — said the election was an “opportunity to reject the reckless Tory/DUP Brexit and drive forward momentum for Irish unity”.

The sitting MP said with the “chaos in Westminster continuing”, the likelihood of an election was increasing every day.

He declared: “That election will be our opportunity to reject the madness of the Tory/DUP Brexit and seize the moment to drive forward the momentum for Irish unity.  

“Sinn Féin is ready to fight that election and to seize the opportunity to unseat Brexiteer DUP MPs across the North.”

Mr Hazzard said that in the last Westminster election, the nationalist people sent a powerful message by returning seven Sinn Féin MPs, including what he described as a “historic victory” in South Down when Sinn Fein wrestled the seat from the SDLP.

The MP added: “Given the catastrophe that Westminster is attempting to force upon the island of Ireland it is vital that people in South Down continue to show Dublin, Europe and the world that they still reject Brexit, borders and the DUP.”