Frustration after ‘Loyalist Saintfield’ poster erected opposing Irish Sea border

Frustration after ‘Loyalist Saintfield’ poster erected opposing Irish Sea border

17 February 2021

THE appearance of Loyalist posters in Saintfield opposing the Irish Sea border has been condemned by one of the politicians who represents the area.

Rowallane Alliance councillor Patrick Brown says he is frustrated by the appearance of the posters which state: ‘Loyalist Saintfield will never accept a border in the Irish Sea’.

A number of the posters have been erected in towns and villages across Northern Ireland, with Cllr Brown insisting that the assertion that Saintfield is a Loyalist town is simply not true.

“Saintfield never was and never will be a Loyalist town,” declared Cllr Brown. “The tiny minority who felt the need to put up these posters in Saintfield are not a representation of those who live, work and visit here.”

Cllr Brown said the actions of those responsible for the posters “do not reflect the town’s deep cross-community ethos” and commitment to shared spaces for everyone.

“I appreciate that tensions are running high in the wake of Brexit and political instability, however, these sort of intimidatory messages do nothing to advance any cause,” he declared.

“Now, more than ever, we need our communities to be united as we try to move forward and establish a new normal in the wake of a pandemic and political upheaval.” 

Cllr Brown said he hopes that representatives from all political backgrounds will agree that the posters are inappropriate and unhelpful, condemning them and seeking their removal. 

He also confirmed that he will be meeting with the PSNI to see how the poster situation can be resolved.