Ed Sheeran has Perfect day out

Ed Sheeran has Perfect day out

9 May 2018

GLOBAL megastar Ed Sheeran took a whistle-stop tour of the locality yesterday and visited two villages with their own castles on a hill.

Seemingly inspired by the title of his blockbusting track, Castle on the Hill, the phenomenally popular singer caused great excitement when he enjoyed a round of golf in Ardglass before travelling to Dundrum for an impromptu lunch.

The friendly redhead popped up on Facebook feeds in selfies taken with starstruck fans throughout the day, many of whom will be travelling to Belfast this afternoon for his hotly anticipated concert in front of a 40,000 audience.

Ed enjoyed about six holes on the Ardglass course before cutting short his round due to the influx of fans to the course.

Paul Vaughan, the club’s director of golf, said up to 200 people turned up once news began to spread of his local appearance.

Although he knew in advance that the singer would come to the club, he said he did not tell anyone, including staff.

However, word leaked out of the club with fans quickly crowding on to the green to catch a glimpse.

“I think he expected it and he was very friendly and took plenty of selfies but he did cut short the  game,” he said.

“He told me he had been keen to play here and he was blown away by the course and the scenery.”

Escaping from the growing crowds in Ardglass, Ed and his small entourage slipped off to enjoy fish and chips and homemade burgers at The Buck’s Head in Dundrum.

Restaurant manager Lyndsay Martin said she was “excited but nervous” to serve the VIP guest, who praised their Guinness as “the best he had tasted in Northern Ireland”.

“It was a bit nerve-wracking taking their orders and serving the drinks but he was a really down to earth guy and said everything was fabulous,” she said. “He offered to pose for a selfie with staff after lunch. He was very willing”.

The restaurant’s head chef, Gerry Kelly, was unruffled by the high profile guest, saying simply: “It was good to have them and not stressful at all.”