Downpatrick street artist shows artistic flair

Downpatrick street artist shows artistic flair

6 October 2021

A DOWNPATRICK artist is appealing for more opportunities to brighten up the local area with a number of eye-catching portraits and original designs.

Piérce Crane (24) first decided to go public with his love of art when he started his own business, which mainly consisted of commissions painting walls and private bedrooms.

Now, the talented graffiti artist is appealing for wall space around Downpatrick and the surrounding locations in a bid to bring some added character to the area.

“I have visited numerous street art festivals in and around Belfast which brought a whole new vibe to the place, and I personally thought Downpatrick could benefit from that sort of thing,” he said.

“I wanted my art to firstly be on display around the town because I am born and raised here, and I feel as if it has been lacking that creative flair and colour,” he continued. 

“However, I want my work to be broadcasted in other areas too, because if it can add something of substance to that community then I am all for it.”

Piérce recalled the first time he felt a community connection after he began displaying his own creations.

“I began by painting walls up around the Model Farm estate, which is where I grew up.

“It took off from there after people really seemed to like my art and I just became addicted to the feeling I got from their positive reactions to the walls I was painting.”

Despite the initial reaction, Piérce has struggled in the past to find suitable areas to showcase his work, due to the stigma around spray painting — noting that when people hear the word graffiti, it often carries negative connotations.

“I’ve been trying to find canvases for the last couple of years in and around the area but perhaps I have fell victim to a small town mentality in relation to what it is I do in terms of artwork,” he continued. 

“Anyone can scribble derogatory things on a wall and it really brings the look of the town down and gives actual graffiti artists a bad name. 

“There will always be a theme to what I do, and it won’t be just pointless vandalism.”

Piérce’s love of art also stretches beyond his usual graffiti pieces, as he works full time as a tattoo artist based in his hometown.

His latest artwork, which depicts a stunning realism portrait of a tattooed lady, appeared last week on the outside wall of his studio in Downpatrick.

“I used the wall space I had to create something outside of what I am used to doing,” he said. 

“It was out of my comfort zone as primarily I would spray a more graffiti style of painting as opposed to portraits, but ultimately I’m happy with how it came out and it’s personally my favourite piece to date.”

His most recent rework has attracted local attention from various people with fresh ideas to brighten up their location. 

A few years ago he was requested to paint a wall with a message as part of an initiative for preventing anti-social behaviour in the Flying Horse area.

Since then, he has led community workshops in which he has introduced local children to the benefits of painting, while developing their own artistic abilities in the process.

Piérce has also painted a mural dedicated to the memory of the late schoolboy Noah Donohoe in Killough, which received widespread praise online through various social media platforms.

“I really enjoy what I do and I’m lucky that the opportunities that come with it are endless,” he said.

“It is something which has opened a lot of doors for me and I am hoping that it will continue to do so.”

To contact Piérce, visit his Instagram @tattoosbypierce or Facebook at