Department urged to address flooding issue in Newcastle

Department urged to address flooding issue in Newcastle

27 March 2024

A LEADING government department has been asked to address a sporadic flooding issue at a number of key locations in Newcastle, including Central Promenade.

The appeal to the Department for Infrastructure has been made by South Down MLA Colin McGrath and Mournes councillor Laura Devlin.

They say flash flooding is an issue at Central Promenade and Causeway Road and work is needed to prevent any repeat, insisting there must be no further delay in addressing it.

Mr McGrath said there is a “unique situation” in the resort where some areas start to flood much more quickly than others during heavy rainfall.

He said while work to address the issue should have happened some time ago, it is yet to take place.

“We are seeing more instances of this type of flash flooding in Newcastle and we need to ensure our local infrastructure can cope with any further flooding,” added Mr McGrath, committing to continue to press the Department to carry out the work.

Cllr Devlin said that last year, the government department carried out successful repair work at the Downs Road in the resort to address a flooding issue.

“It is clear that what is needed is not just a jetting of the storm drain line, but further exploratory works given how often this flooding issue presents itself,” she continued.

“This work should have been completed last Halloween but, unfortunately, we were subjected to the awful flooding at the time and the department could not complete it.”