Crossgar roundabout concerns

Crossgar roundabout concerns

19 April 2017

TRANSPORT NI has been urged by the SDLP to improve road safety at Crossgar roundabout, where three main roads converge.

The call has been issued by South Down MP Margaret Ritchie, Colin McGrath MLA and members of Rowallane SDLP, including local councillor Terry Andrews.

Members of the branch met with local politicians last week to outline their concerns and campaign to make the area safer, given the huge 

volume of traffic which uses the roundabout.

Miss Ritchie said there was particular concern for cyclists and pedestrians and the need for measures to be taken to protect them.

The MP called on road safety specialists working for Transport NI  to carry out a survey on the effectiveness of the roundabout to ascertain how it could be improved.

In addition, she said efforts must be made to provide additional warning and signage on the various approach roads to the roundabout.

She added: “We will be using all political avenues at our disposal to ensure Transport NI install better and more effective road safety measures at this location.  

“Representations have already been made to Transport NI highlighting the problems and urging roads officials to carry out effective action to reduce the potential for accidents.”