Crossgar couple give son same names as Royal baby

Crossgar couple give son same names as Royal baby

9 May 2018

MEET little Louis Arthur. He may not be royal, but this handsome prince was as eagerly awaited 

as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s latest addition.

Coincidentally, this Crossgar baby shares the first two names of William and Kate’s third child — but the local boy was the one who set the trend with Louis.

Parents Linda-Anne and Matthew Gilmore chose Louis as the name for their fourth child — for “something different” — a month before the royal baby was named.

It was a name that didn’t feature in the bookies’ odds, with most punters settling a bet on more traditional English names. So for Linda-Anne and Matthew, it was a big surprise to find out their son had a royal namesake.

“He was born on February 22 and we were struggling for names,” Linda-Anne explained. “I chose Louis and my husband chose Arthur. I could not believe it when we heard the royal baby was going to be called Louis Arthur. We were pretty shocked.

“We thought it was really different. Now of course, probably everyone in his class will be called Louis.

“We go to France quite a lot and thought it was a nice French name. Of course I did know it was wee Prince George’s third name.

“I just thought it was a nice name and something really different.”

The two babies don’t share a third name, with the little prince’s third name being Charles, but oddly they do share an initial.

“We put Corry as his third name, which is my granddad’s surname. He had no sons just daughters,” Linda-Anne explained.

Even more strangely, Linda-Anne crossed paths with William and Kate at St Andrews University, where they were both in the same year.

“Maybe they heard about my choice of name,” she joked. “They weren’t in my circle of friends but I do of course wish them well.”

“Louis is my fourth child and definitely my last,” added Linda-Anne, whose elder children are Ella (11), Henry (6) and Austin (2).

She said some of her family were initially a bit “hesitant” when she revealed her name choice, but are now on board with both it and the pronunciation — after a few mentions of ‘Lewis’.

“Nobody really liked it and then the royal baby came along and they all loved it,” she said.

“At the doctors they still say ‘Lewis’.”

“So far all is going well for my Louis. He is a very good sleeper fortunately and his older brothers and sister adore him.”