Coney Island singer Jayne looking for support to produce new album

Coney Island singer Jayne looking for support to produce new album

13 March 2019

FROM Coney Island, to Nashville and on to Vancouver, musician Jayne Trimble has travelled many miles to get to where she is today.

The folk musician is heading to Los Angeles next month to record her third album — that is if she can raise at least 20,000 Canadian dollars — that’s £12,000 — to cover initial production costs.

The former Down High student is asking local people, and women in particular, to support her Kickstarter campaign to record the album Your Mother Was A Peacock.

While Jayne’s vocals are hauntingly soft, she describes her latest music as “visceral and epic”.

She is recording the new album, which will be produced by Damien Jurado, under the name Oxlip — which is an Irish wildflower.

“It’s my most ambitious and exciting album to date,” explained the 35 year-old. “It’s a collection of songs based on the lives of women throughout history who have either been scapegoated, or were just plain tragic. I feel that the theme is also on trend with the #MeToo movement right now.”

Now married and living with her husband in Vancouver for the past four years, the independent artist has also landed a small role in a new Netflix show called Virgin River which is due to be released sometime next year.

Jayne grew up in Coney Island which she remembers as a “magical place”.

“I have fond memories rambling all over and around the island itself and long summer days cycling with friends through the backroads between Ardglass and Strangford,” she added.

“My mum and dad ran a homecare business called CCA Quality Homecare in Downpatrick. The office was located at the top of Irish Street. I have one older brother who now lives in Africa with his wife and two kids.”

She left Coney Island at 17 as she was “desperate to get out and see the world”.

“From a very early age, I had big dreams and probably a large dose of ‘grass is greener’ syndrome. I moved to Australia and India in my first year away from home. 

“I then applied to drama school in London, which I got into, and that’s where I was until Canada and I also spent some time in Nashville.

She acknowledges that the island’s rich folk music traditions has helped create her distinctive solf folk sound.

Her last album — Wolves! Cried The Maid — charted at No 2 on Canadian college radios and was inspired by old Irish fairytales.

The Kickstarter campaign involves fans paying up from the album down pre-ordering a CD for $20 (£11.50), or by purchasing some of the other rewards such as hand-written lyrics, or a singing or songwriting masterclass with Jayne over Skype.

Jayne said she hoped that local people would support this third album.

“I would absolutely love to garner some support from people in Downpatrick, especially the women; women entrepreneurs, business women, patrons who want to empower young women creatives like me.

“Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing campaign so if I don’t reach my goal you don’t get charged. The final day of the campaign is March 27 at 5pm.”

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