Concern over plans for plant which will hold 150,000 hens

Concern over plans for plant which will hold 150,000 hens

7 February 2018

SEAFORDE residents have expressed concern about plans to double the size of a poultry plant which would be capable of housing almost 150,000 hens.

A formal planning application seeking approval to provide two additional poultry houses at the Seaforde Road site, each of which has a capacity for 37,000 hens, could be lodged by the end of next month.

There are currently two poultry houses at the site which can accommodate a total of 74,000 hens.

The planning application, which is expected to be lodged towards the end of next month, will be accompanied by an environmental statement and a report outlining the views of residents.

Some of the residents met in Seaforde YFC Hall last week to discuss the proposal with a representative from the Clyde Shanks planning consultancy and development organisation. The meeting was part of a community consultation process which must take place ahead of the formal planning application being submitted.

A residents’ spokesman said the main concerns focused on the scale of the proposed development, the impact of the smell from the plant and the implications this has for property values in the area, operating hours and the potential damage heavy lorries will cause to grass verges and road surfaces.

“The existing poultry plant has been there for a number of years, but if this planning application is approved, it will double in size,” he continued. “What took place last week was a pre-consultation meeting with around 10 people turning up.

“Our main concerns centre around the offensive smell coming from the existing plant, which is persistent and particularly unpleasant at times, affecting a number of residents who live in direct line of it.

“I do not know if the smell is a potential a health hazzard, but it is certainly depressing to go out into your garden and be greeted with this obnoxious odour which can linger for days.”

“Will we be faced with an even greater odour issue? I find it very unpleasant to live in that kind of atmosphere and if I try and sell my house, the property value may decrease due to the smell.

This is also a major worry for me and others,” he continued.

“We have been assured our concerns and considerations will be taken on board by the planning consultants and they have said they will come back to us. But we are not sure what happens after that.

We want to know if any odours or gases emitted from the plant will impact on our health. What is proposed is massive and our concerns must be addressed.”

A representative for Clyde Shanks said last week’s meeting was designed to engage local residents to see whether there is any improvements or anything they want to see as part of the development moving forward.

He confirmed comments made by residents will feature in the pre-application community consultation report which will be submitted alongside the formal planning application which could be submitted within the next few weeks.

The application will be formally advertised in the local press shortly and there will be another consultation process during which residents will be able to articulate their views.

The representative said Clyde Shanks would continue to work with residents as best it can.