Castlewellan fly-tipping concerns

Castlewellan fly-tipping concerns

10 July 2019

A LOCAL politician has hit out at those responsible for the latest fly-tipping incident recorded in the district.

Slieve Croob councillor Alan Lewis has called for what he described as a “more concentrated effort” to detect and deter those continuing to illegally dump at beauty spots across the district.  

The latest incident was on farmland close to Castlewellan’s Ballylough Lake where wooden boards and rolls of carpet had been dumped, with the politician suggesting that the location is “attractive” to offenders due to it remoteness.

“Illegal dumping is continuing to blight our district,” Cllr Lewis declared. “Fly tipping is unwanted and unacceptable, with our countryside and rural villages treated as dumping grounds, causing an eyesore and an environmental hazard. 

“Those responsible clearly lack moral integrity, preferring to skulk about in the dead of night. My message to them is ‘grow up, wise up and educate yourself’ about how to appropriately dispose of unwanted household items.”

Cllr Lewis said those engaged in fly-tipping displayed a “lack of intelligence and sense of belonging within the local community” .

The Slieve Croob councillor said the fact that the district’s three civic amenity sites were open seven days a week means there was no excuse for illegal dumping.

He said the owner of the land targeted last week kindly offered to remove the illegally dumped waste which Cllr Lewis believes was left by someone carrying out home improvements.

He added: “What a shame those who dumped it could not be bothered going the extra few miles to the local civic amenity site. I plan to meet with Newry, Mourne and Down Council’s cleansing staff over the coming days to determine what more can be done to protect the district against increasing unwanted fly-tipping.”