Campaign to educate over sexual assault

Campaign to educate over sexual assault

6 October 2021

A NEW campaign has been launched to address sexual harassment and sexual violence in the community.  

Newry, Mourne and Down Council has partnered with the Raise Your Voice Project to increase public awareness and educate people on best practice to create a cultural change to tackle the root causes of such behaviour. 

The hope is to empower people to act and change this in their own lives and tonight, Raise Your Voice Project representative Helen Crickard will be giving the second of two free online workshops.

The first last night examined what sexual harassment is, while the focus this evening is on consent, with the spotlight on “discussing victim blaming” and the portrayal of sexual and domestic violence. 

All participants can choose to remain completely anonymous throughout the workshops.

Council chairwoman, Cathy Mason, said the organisation is supporting the Raise Your Voice project by working directly with the community through interactive workshops.

“The aim is to highlight examples of sexual harassment, as well as discussing the impact of sexual violence on the lives of individuals. Posters and information on Raise Your Voice will also be available in our council buildings,” she added.

To register for tonight’s online event entitled ‘Everything you wanted to know about consent but were afraid to ask’, go to