Boys’ Brigade colouring competition winners

Boys’ Brigade colouring competition winners

12 February 2020

THIS year’s Down Boys’ Brigade Battalion Anchor Boys’ colouring competition was about writing or colouring a picture of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

Each company had to choose their best entries from P1, P2, P3 and P4 and send them to the Battalion to be judged.

The following boys received a certificate and medal for their entry at the Anchor Boys’ service in Annalong Presbyterian Church. The four overall winners also received special prizes.

P1 winners: Adam White (1stAnnalong), Calvin Cunningham (2nd Annalong), Sam Burns (2nd Ballynahinch), Jack Cooke (1st Crossgar), George Murdoch (1st Donaghmore), Jake Maginn (2nd Kilkeel), Fraser Clements (3rd Kilkeel), Max Gregg (1st Loughaghery), Robin Boggs (1st Loughbrickland), Alex Patterson (1st Raffrey), Ben Seffen (1st Rathfriland), Joshua McCarter (2nd Saintfield) Overall winner in P1: Oliver Kelly (1st Spa).

P2 winners: Mark Cunningham (1st Annalong), George Main (2nd Annalong), Samuel Patterson (2nd Ballynahinch), Jotham Patterson (1st Crossgar), Rhys Fulton (1st Donaghmore), Alex Porter (1st Kilkeel), Arthur Norman (2nd Kilkeel), Micah Vaughan (1st Loughaghery), Isaac Kirkland (1st Loughbrickland), Mauria Floyd (1st Raffrey), Zack Graham (1st Rathfriland), Josh Gourley (2nd Saintfield), George Chambers (1st Spa). Overall winner in P2: Joshua Henderson (3rd Kilkeel).

P3 winners: James Hill (1st Annalong), Samuel Chambers (2nd Annalong), Alex Bailie (2nd Ballynahinch), Archie Hoyles (1st Crossgar), Dylan McMath (1st Kilkeel), Jack Donaldson (2nd Kilkeel), Aaron McConville (3rd Kilkeel), Joel Horner (1st Loughaghery), Ben Russell (1st Loughbrickland), Ollie Patterson (1st Raffrey), Matthew McCullins (1st Rathfriland), Liam Ferris (2nd Saintfield), Matt Brown (1st Spa). 

Overall winner in P3: Charlie McCallister (1st Donaghmore).

P4 winners: Ryan Maybin (1st Annalong), Ben Forsythe (2nd Annalong), Charlie Kirkpatrick (2nd Ballynahinch), Adam Whitten (1st Crossgar), Charlie Moffett (1st Donaghmore), Harry Martin (1st Kilkeel), Zak Donaldson (2nd Kilkeel), James Wackett (3rd Kilkeel), Benji Vaughan (1st Loughaghery), Thomas Ervine (1st Loughbrickland), Bobby Graham (1st Raffrey), Joshua Shaw (2nd Saintfield), Noah Kirk (1st Spa). 

Overall winner in P4: Finlay Magill (1st Rathfriland).