Ballynahinch green space needs upkeep

Ballynahinch green space needs upkeep

20 January 2021

NEWRY, Mourne and Down Council has been asked to come up with an investment package and increase enforcement patrols in the Lough Park area of Ballynahinch.

Rowallane councillor Patrick Brown has expressed concern about the park’s lack of maintenance and wants the local authority to act.

He has appealed to council officials to prioritise the key issues of littering, dog fouling and general upkeep both at the Ballynahinch park and other locations across the district which, he claimed, are falling into disrepair. 

Cllr Brown said he has been contacted by concerned residents about continuous littering, dog fouling and lack of maintenance which has led to overgrown weeds and fallen trees in the Lough Park area in particular.

“I feel there is a real need for local council involvement and increased enforcement of the rules in a bid to discourage this sort of behaviour,” he declared.

Cllr Brown said he has asked the local authority to increase the number of patrols carried out in this area and to implement improved signage in an attempt to dissuade people from this type of activity. 

“Whilst I appreciate that the coronavirus pandemic has led to resources being strained, putting a lot of maintenance work on hold, I am hopeful that it can be arranged for a team to clean the area as soon as possible,” he continued.

“Additionally, I am committed to my ongoing efforts in calling for the council to invest in facilities at the Lough Park in order to improve it as an amenity for the community in the surrounding area.” 

Cllr Brown said that given the heightened lockdown restrictions it was vital that spaces for outdoor activities, “which allow everyone to stay fit and look after their mental wellbeing”, are free from litter and other debris.

“Being able to spend time outdoors is so important and I feel strongly that our local communities should have access to well maintained parks and playgrounds,” he continued.

Cllr Brown said the local authority recently supported a Green New Deal motion, explaining that one of its significant aims includes addressing the litter problem by calling for a recycling bin in every local outdoor space and ensuring a new green space in every district electoral area.

He added: “In my opinion, Ballynahinch’s Lough Park would be an ideal location for Rowallane’s green space, once Newry, Mourne and Down Council has invested the necessary time, money and resources in it.”