Appeal to reunite Toy Story figures with owner

Appeal to reunite Toy Story figures with owner

7 March 2018

ARE you missing a Woody, a Jessie and a Buzz Lightyear?

A Ballynahinch charity shop is keen to reunite these popular Toy Story characters to their rightful home after they were mistakenly left behind with a donation.

Several bags of items were kindly donated by a man and a little boy to the Assisi charity shop last Monday.

They later phoned up say there were three Toy Story figures in the bags that shouldn’t have been there.

Shop manager Maria Lyons said: “I thought I had checked all donated bags and so told them they weren’t here. I never thought to take a name and number. 

“The next day, the toys were found.”

Maria has put this notice on her charity’s Facebook page but efforts to find the family have so far failed.

“I imagine they belong to the wee boy who came into the shop,” she said. “I’m a Toy Story fan myself. 

I know what it means to children so I want to get these toys back with their owner.

“Please call into the shop or contact us on 028 9756 0008.”