‘Irresponsible’ flytippers should feel full force of the law

‘Irresponsible’ flytippers should feel full force of the law

7 November 2018

A SENIOR politician has hit out at those responsible for illegal dumping incidents across the district.

Downpatrick councillor Dermot Curran says he cannot understand the mentality of those who blight secluded rural areas with their waste which should be taken to any of Newry, Mourne and Down Council’s household waste centres.

A quantity of waste was last week dumped outside Ardglass close to Crew Road. Those responsible have branded by the local politician as “grossly irresponsible.”

Cllr Curran described those who engage in such behaviour as “selfless,” reminding them that they are guilty of an environmental crime by dumping their waste in unauthorised areas.

There are a number of illegal dumping hot spots across the district with the Downpatrick councillor suggesting the mentality of those responsible is particularly difficult to fathom.

“I cannot understand why people do not make use of household waste centres in Downpatrick, Castlewellan and Ballynahinch,” declared Cllr Curran.

“The mentality of those who dump waste along rural roads is beyond me. What puzzles me most is that people who engage in this activity end up paying for its removal through their rates bills. They are literally costing themselves money, but that does not appear to register with them.”

Cllr Curran said there was no excuse for illegal dumping as there were so many ways for people to dispose of their waste legally and safely. 

“Fly tipping and illegal dumping results in a blot on the landscape and is an image no one wants to see. I firmly believe that those responsible for despicable behaviour should feel the full force of the law, otherwise this activity will continue,” he warned.

“Illegal waste can range from bin bags dumped at the side of the road to old household furniture, rubble or old trees. For a modest fee, bulk waste can be collected outside people’s homes.

“For the life of me I do not understand why people are prepared to load up their vehicles and drive to secluded, rural areas to get rid of household waste. Why not just drive to one of the three household centres in our district?”

Cllr Curran said local council officials were placing increasing emphasis on promoting the district as a major tourist destination and the last thing they wanted to see was roads littered with waste. 

He added: “The message must go out that illegal dumping is unacceptable and that the countryside and indeed town centres must be respected, not used as open air dumps by people who should know better.

“We are fortunate to live in a stunningly beautiful area which should not be blighted by the reprehensible actions of a mindless few. Our rural areas in particular must be respected, not used as open air dumping grounds.”