‘Alarm’ after bullet holes at road signs

‘Alarm’ after bullet holes at road signs

9 September 2020

THE behaviour of vandals who fired bullets at road signs outside Crossgar has been described as “alarming” by a local politician.

The signs directing drivers to the Listooder Road and Rademon Church have been punctured by a total of four bullet holes with the incident concerning Rowallane councillor Kathryn Owen and local residents.

Describing the actions of those responsible as “alarming”, the local councillor said why anyone would want shoot a road signs in a rural area was beyond her. More importantly, she is keen to find out where those responsible got a firearm from.

Confirming that she has raised her concerns with police, Cllr Owen said those in possession of a gun are not only a danger to themselves but others.

News of what happened follows reports by residents in the area that they have heard numerous gunshots over recent weeks, with the Department of Infrastructure made aware of the recent  incident.

One person who took to social media to condemn the incident suggested it is clear from the trajectory of the bullet holes through double-sided signs that the intention was “nothing to do with practising, but vandalism”.

Another resident has described what happened as “scary” with another asking what would have happened if whoever pulled the trigger had missed the road sign and struck a passing car?

A resident taking to social media said signs at the Saintfield and Ballynahinch roads had also been punctured with bullet holes, while the culprits responsible for the damage engaged in “pure vandalism” and put the public at risk, according to another resident.

They added: “It is vital that the perpetrators of the crime are brought to justice and feel the full force of the law without delay.”

The resident added: “This sort of vandalism gives responsible gun owners a bad name and I hope that the PSNI make arrests soon.”

Concerned residents say they are keen that anyone who knows anything about the incident which  placed people at risk from serious injury or death to contact police.

Information can also be passed anonymously using the confidential Crimestoppers number 0800 555111.