A Christmas Carol at Kilclief school

A Christmas Carol at Kilclief school

6 January 2021

SCROOGE came to St Malachy’s Primary School in Kilclief to the delight of pupils, parents and teachers.

Every year, the school puts on a live Christmas production in front of an audience in excess of 200 but that could not happen this year as a result of the global pandemic.

Not only did the school miss out on the financial gains of hosting such an event, but the pupils missed out on the annual school production which they very much look forward to every year.

This left teacher Michael McGarrity very unhappy as the P6 and P7 pupils had already been “pushed from pillar to post” due to the transfer test dates moving, lockdown, home learning and being separated from the rest of the school in an isolated bubble.

Mr McGarrity decided that “enough was enough” and admitted that while children are very adaptable, there comes a point when they need support, care and good guidance from adults to direct their future successfully.

“They are a very versatile group and determined to succeed with great parental support throughout. I thought this group without doubt deserved more. They are outstanding and deserve a Christmas performance so I went about to make this happen,” he explained.

“I decided to put on a show for the children as for some of my class this would be their final hurrah in an eagerly anticipated Christmas play with a difference.”

Mr McGarrity said St Malachy’s had previously used green screen technology and he set about organising an “amazing surprise” to mash the school play and green screen technology together to make a Christmas show. 

“The boys and girls were so excited and overall delighted to be taking part in a somewhat different type of production,” he said.

And with only three weeks’ practice before the Christmas holidays they pulled it out of the bag, planning, ing and delivering 

‘Scrooge…A Ghost of a Chance 2020’, which was screened via YouTube.

Mr McGarrity said the link for the recent screening was shared with families, local community groups and care homes as the pupils wanted their story to be heard across the country in a time of need.

The primary school teacher said the school was also keen to promote festive cheer and good old Christmas spirit, especially in these unprecedented times, bringing hope and joy to all families. young and old. 

The St Malachy’s production can be viewed at https://youtu.be/vsN4Xbep6Vw and the school is hoping it will help put a smile on people’s faces.